Telecom Analyst


Professional Services Department

Reporting to

As per Job Offer

Job Responsibilities

  • Capture and analyze network equipment configuration data by interacting with the customer teams. Usually data are extracted from EMS or NMS data dumps
  • Identify missing data in configuration files and work with customer to identify how/where to get the data from (site information, links information...)
  • Work with development team to ensure model is correctly implemented in NEP OR model the network directly using NEP software
  • Work with project manager to scope and estimate project work
  • Identify and develop Acceptance Test Specifications
  • Run Acceptance Test Specifications with Customers
  • Work on customer projects to lead the work required to model the customer network into Mobinets NEP software
  • Design and run customer acceptance testing for NEP solution
  • Understand various technology such as WDM, IP MPLS, Microwave
  • Communicate with development team to ensure correct modelisation of the network into the NEP software OR use tools to modelise the network into NEP
  • Reports to Mobinets project manager
  • Job requirements

Job requirements

  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, information systems, or any other related technical field.
  • 5 to 10 years of experience working with network equipment vendors or product vendors in the OSS area.
  • Understand OSS stack for a mobile operator
  • Transmission network expertise, particularly IP MPLS, WDM and Microwave
  • Understand NMS, EMS and Equipment configuration


  • English fluent
  • Other Languages are preferable

General Working Conditions

  • Based in South Africa
  • Frequently travel throughout the India and (some travel to Europe, Middle East, ) Region
  • Maintain adherence to Mobinets policies and procedures
  • May be required to work extra hours