Mobinets currently has more than fourteen active customers using various modules, features and functionalities from its NEP platform.

One of the widely known telecom operators in India, Airtel is named as the most valuable company in the country as well. We perform complete inventory management for Core, RAN, MW and IP/MPLS Domain, where the inventory has discovered along with end to end service routing. Mobinets inventory solution has integrated with around 250+ OSS across all domains and pan-India. The data is fetched from all these OSS every 24 hours, comprising of 23 circles.
Alfa is one of the first operating GSM networks in Lebanon. It is also the first to accomplish a successful 5G trial with speed reaching 25 Gb/second in Lebanon’s history. Mobinets provides a wide range of services to help them manage & operate their network better. We help them identify network faults through impact analysis, root cause analysis, alarm network topology & GIS display. Through our Service Operational Dashboards (SOD) & Service Quality Management (SQM), we keep an operation & quality check on the network’s performance.
Cell C
Cell C is South Africa’s cellular operator with a customer base of 19-million users, and is one of the most established & recognizable brand in the region. For a better 2G, 3G and LTE performance, they use Mobinets auto-discovery tool to help them maintain & configure inventory easily. With Mobinets Service Assurance management modules, Cell C can monitor and locate alarm on network elements and its topology. Along with this, Alarm Enrichment correlation & Root Cause Analysis (RCA) are useful in network fault resolution in the quickest possible time.
The Moroccan telecommunication company has over 50,000 branches in the country, and covers almost 92% of the territory. It has also been awarded as the best mobile network of Morocco in 2019. With our well-defined engineering services, we help them deliver telecom services to a huge territory with proper quality assurance & continuously improving customer experience. We help them create various IT processes that can increase the pace of IT changes as well as implementation with improved IT helpdesk teams.
MTN Syria
MTN Syria is one of the two only mobile operators in Syria. It offers GSM and 3.5G broadband 4G services. Mobinets auto-discovery tools allow them to discover their network inventory and topology to identify the network deployments and total assets in the region. Our IT services help them to establish defined roles & transparent processes. It also helps to minimize recurring errors, yielding returns on IT investments.
Ooredoo (Kuwait & Myanmar)
Ooredoo is one of the fastest cellular, mobile and fixed telecommunication network in Myanmar & Kuwait. Ooredoo Group is known for being one of the largest telecommunication companies in the world. We help them to have a comprehensive overview of network resources and keep the network inventory availability check automated via Mobinets auto-discovery Inventory Management module. Routine monitoring & overviewing of collected data is consistently published on Mobinets dashboard for corporate tracking & reporting. Expanding more IT services is made easier through our engineering solutions for Ooredoo.
Based in Oman, Omantel is the first telecommunication company & primary internet provider in Oman. Mobinets serves an extensive range of OSS application to the company- be it Inventory Management for Wireline, IP network, Service Assurance including Fault Management, Alarm Enrichment Correlation or Root Cause Analysis (RCA) which collects and monitor underlying faults in the networks, helping clients to determine the root cause of the problem. We perform a detailed study of the network infrastructure to examine the final delivery of products & its further functioning. Our Assets Lifecycle Management and Reconciliation Module help Omantel in eradicating accounting errors & save business deposits. Network tracking, analyzing, deployment, securing - all are carried out via our IT services.
Based in Moldova, Orange is a mobile network service provider as well as an internet provider in the region. We provide them with the OSS engineering solution via the right technical support and strategic management. We have also transformed their software development into an easy process & aligned network integration. We have been able to establish exceptional services by ensuring an appropriate mix of different methodologies & technology.
Touch is the leading telecommunication operator in Middle East & Africa. Currently, they are optimizing 3.9G network & expanding to 4G-LTE in the Lebanese capital. They are also known for being the first successful mobile operator to conduct a 4G-LTE advanced test. Mobinets performs auto-discovery for the mobile inventory of Touch Network. For an efficient project quality, we manage configuration lifecycle and publish various reports for corporate tracking.
Zain (KSA & Kuwait)
Zain is a Kuwaiti telecommunication company serving 49.5 million subscribers. It launched commercial 5G operations in Saudi Arabia in October 2019. Serving millions of customers is a difficult task, which is why having a high capacity & enhanced network is extremely important. We support the Zain group (Kuwait, KSA) with Mobinets auto-discovery that discovers the network inventory and topology mapping. We have implemented the asset lifecycle management module to monitor and track the inventory throughout inventory lifecycle. The integration with Financial ERP and inventory mapping with financial data helps to identify the asset value in the network and know the leakage in it.


At Mobinets, we know that working towards a goal of transformation requires a partnership with our clients, a partnership built on trust, honesty, ethical business practice and collaboration for mutual benefit.

Here are a few of our global partners we are working with to help achieve the goal of sustainable transformation.

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