RAN Engineering

Mobinets RAN Engineering offers bespoke business support solutions for maintenance, optimization, and monitoring in GSM(2G), WCDMA(3G), LTE(4G), NR(5G) technologies.

Our proprietary OSS transformation tool and data processing algorithms convert the network complexity into clarity for the Mobile Network Operator (MNO). This leads to better business decisions for MNO and considerable cost savings. Mobinets RAN Engineering ensures structured CAPEX usage and intelligent resolutions for network expansion & deployment. Our tools and team perform expert analysis and assessment on network functions and provides recommendation for optimal network functioning that lowers the risk of inadequately configured network elements. As a part of our portfolio, we support all major OEMs.

We aim to provide you with the best in class services when it comes to quality & client satisfaction. With pervasive penetration of mobile networking, Mobile Network Operators must ensure maximum network availability and throughput with minimum CAPEX & OPEX to meet the market demands. Mobinets provides solutions that minimize network operating expenses.

  • Flexible & dynamic services with customized solutions as per customer requirement.
  • Helps customer in controlling OPEX and gives intelligible CAPEX distribution and visibility of network assets.
  • Reduces the challenges faced by mobile operators for deployment and expansion of networks.

With our RAN engineering solutions, we resolve network complications. You need wider choices for correct placement of RAN components, so we make sure to provide the required information that will further improve network performance.