Real Time Network Inventory Management

Mobinets real-time network inventory management provides comprehensive solutions with prominent network monitoring tools. It ensures that the network stays healthy, well-planned and functioning. With our best inventory management software, networks can be modelled accurately and flexibly from the core network to the customer premises, supporting capacity planning and service assignment for all fixed and mobile networks. Our solution enables data quality assurance, network configuration to help business users open new marketing opportunities.

Our real-time network & inventory management provides a better view and approach in controlling & managing network technology through network audit & inventory tracking. Mobinets has complete 360-degree solutions to help you manage network lifecycle & streamline processes by procuring data to ensure service quality management, software asset management and enhanced customer experience. We supervise and track physical assets at different stages of logistics to allow easy onboarding of new technologies.

  • Provides access to capture information of complex environments
  • Helps in better data extraction/collection, cleansing and processing
  • Better usage of resources with advanced technologies
  • End to End topological view of the Network resources for easy monitoring
  • Impact analysis for the link, service or node down on the Network.

All of our modules use the same inventory database; hence efficiency in data processing is high. It also allows in troubleshooting the root cause of network dysfunction methodically.